• Keelie Williamson

    “The seller is such a sweetheart! Following up with me before and after, answered my question promptly, and not to mention the bars are great! I'm trying to curb my sweet tooth and these will definitely help. Completely recommend this shop!”

  • Anna Marie

    @fitnreformed on Instagram

    “My husband and I shared the Classic bar this afternoon and I kinda wish I hadn’t shared it! It was delicious! It tasted like fudge. Not sure how you managed that but it’s great that you did! Now I can’t wait to give all other a try”

  • Simona Cabana

    on Facebook

    “Rich Bars are my favorite brain food! Bars are literally RICH in most of the vital nutrients. Nuts improve mental stamina, enhance memory and concentration, while fruits and other natural sweeteners make you addicted to its taste. For sure, the best part is you can't get tired of bars due to diversity of flavors. Thanks to the beautiful founder Polina!”

  • Steven Brady

    on Etsy

    Delicious and arrived quickly and well packaged.

  • Angie L

    on Etsy

    So good. Better than those grocery bought bars. The flavor is subtle and not too sweet. A very healthy alternative to traditional workout bars and dessert. Excellent customer service.

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